Our Radio Monitoring System monitors radio stations from all over the world on a 24x7 basis to provide a real time play list of the radio stations. Each track played in the radio stations is recorded and analyzed on a real time basis by our high tech audio analysis system. Our core engine used to identify the tracks played is running on a worldwide patented artificial intelligence algorithm developed in the last 15 years by the best teams of mathematicians, therapists, psychologist, scientists and music experts. Our core database learned the significance, DNA, markers, and footprints from millions of tracks. They were formatted into a hierarchy which can identify not only the track itself, it is designed and developed as the worldwide first system also to analyze based on 12 combined parameters among others for example the mood, tempo, energy and genre of all music.

Real Time Chart
Our real time charts shows the most popular tracks and artists. Each track played is recorded with date and time stamps. The same data are formatted as performance reports for labels or individual artists. Labels and artists can use it as an easy reference on their market shares in different parts of the world. This will help labels to launch the right kind of music to the right audience, or organize events and concerts at the right spot, globally on the right location.
Royalty Collection
From the real time data, we provide weekly, monthly, or yearly reports to labels and artists for royalty collection. The date and time played of the track are retrievable on a per radio station, per artist, per album or per label basis. Royalty collection is made simple, direct and backed by play records. First system ever the database separates between composition, arrangement and performing rights.
Advertising Pointers
Our monitoring system is profiling radio stations and generating reports allowing advertisers easily to plan their marketing and sales resources by geographical region, by time of day, by day of week, by seasons, by mood and style of radio stations or by popularity of an artist or title. It helps advertisers to put the right money into the right places, right time, right seasons, right artists, right titles and right radio stations.
Music Synchronization
We provide search service to help professionals to find the right kind of music or tracks for movies, advertising, background music and therapy. Through our service, professionals can apply the right music at the right place, right time and right purpose. The same service can be used to estimate the popular of an unreleased new track. We can profile and compare the new track against our previous learned data and forecast where and when the new track could be more successful.